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Welcome to the world of Fidelo farms!

We are a brand known for delivering what we promise—quality. To ensure you the quality, we minimise the time lag between milk processing at farm till it is delivered at your doorstep. We are operational in the market with the brand name—Bpure.

Bpure—the name itself suffices purity. It says everything comes to you in the purest form; be it ghee, paneer, or milk. We all know that milk is the first food for human and quality speaks for itself in our products.

We are an Indian dairy farming company, rooted in tradition and committed to provide quality and nutritional value through our dairy products. The entire project is conceptualized and bought into shape by Mr. Aishwarya Goyal, a Chartered Accountant by profession.

BPure full cream milk is lip-smacking, creamy, frothy and utterly delicious. Gathered from milch animals fed an appropriate diet to maximize cream content, this full cream milk undergoes minimal processing and is perfect to give you that feeling of fullness and energy.

Milk is quite sensitive and can be easily contaminated. It is also easy to adulterate. BPure knows this and has put in place stringent quality control processes that start at the place where milch animals are reared and milk is collected.

Milk is highly perishable and must be processed immediately. We know this and have set up processing.
plant in close proximity to the villages that serve as milk sourcing centres.

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