Milk is quite sensitive and can be easily contaminated. It is also easy to adulterate. BPure knows this and has put in place stringent quality control processes that start at the place where milch animals are reared and milk is collected. We train producers to give nutritionally balanced diet to animals so that milk produced is consistent. They learn about hygienic methods of milking from our expert field staff. We have collection vans and equipments with refrigeration facilities to reduce chances of bacterial contamination.

We use organic and bio-friendly, safe, cleaning agents to ensure highest levels of hygiene in our processing and packing plant where each process is overseen by eagle-eyed inspectors. Your health matters to us and we are ever watchful. Milk is also tested for quality in terms of fat content and protein content as part of our quality control process. The BPure mark is an assurance of pure, quality and genuine milk.