Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

To provide you with our best services and products, we also do not forget our responsibility toward the backbone of our entire ecosystem and self sustainable farming—our cattle!

Our cows are the main players in this whole system, which would ensure our continuity in the long run. For which we have to make sure that we are able to manage our pastures carefully so that the right amount of food is provided, rendering them healthy and fit. We also ensure washing and spraying water, insecticides, and repellents at regular intervals, preventing any cause of infection.

To be precise: We do not use any milk replacers to feed our cattle, what we serve is totally natural and pure.

Keeping our Surroundings Clean

Keeping our sheds clean and maintained is our primary responsibility to prevent infestation of rodents and insects, which could alter the health of our players. To keep a check, we clean and sterilise milk and milk containers and the equipments on which we operate, so that a healthy environment is offered to the cattle as well as workers.

Just to let you know: We have the world class storage facilities available at our farm to preserve the nutritional qualities of our products.


Managing the Cattle Waste

Whatever goes in, comes out in a varied form, and has to be managed. Littering around would result in no benefits. Managing animal waste is a next big challenge.


Challenge accepted!

We at Fidelo farms are also experts in managing the animal waste. We use this waste to produce bio-gas and slurry serves as an excellent source of fertilizer which promotes growth of crops, increases organic matter in the soil, improves the fertility of soil and renders the land cultivable as a whole.