We are an Indian dairy farming company, rooted in tradition and committed to provide quality and nutritional value through our dairy products. The entire project is conceptualized and bought into shape by Mr. Aishwarya Goyal, a Chartered Accountant by profession.

Our roots go back to 2007, when one day we realized that natural and pure milk is slowly getting extinct in our society. Milk adulteration is leading to a large number of problems, hampering the normal growth and metabolism of our children and adults as well.

Milk being the first food that any individual tastes ever, has to be pure and must retain its nutritional value, this thought laid the foundation of Fidelo farms where we decided to provide the purest and finest quality of milk, thus serving the society as a whole. A great taste comes from dedicated monitoring over quality and detailed attention to processing and packaging; keeping these steps in mind, we have been able to retain the great taste of B Pure!

Purity is our priority!

With our well-equipped farm, modern and innovative technology, and a human resource devoted to our mission statement, we are in a process of creating a market leadership position in the milk segment through our brand B Pure, in Delhi-NCR region.  Our project is approved by the Ministry of Food Processing, Govt of India, as an Integrated Cold Chain.

Freshness is a key to success, just as a mother’s milk is considered the safest and purest of all, similarly B Pure insists on purity, honesty, integrity, and longevity of its products in all aspects of relationships.

We welcome you to be a part of our world and live a healthy life.

We aim to provide the nation with an international quality of dairy food products, accompanied with a healthy and nutritious diet at affordable prices. We would hit the nail on the head to make dairy products consumption enjoyable rather than boredom for kids as well as for elders.

You are there to look after the health of your family; we are here to take care of yours!

With our excellent management, highly innovative team, and the trust of our customers, we envision achieving growth and commendation, while delivering the best and serving you for the rest of the lifetime. Apart from the regular dairy products, we aim to introduce and establish ourselves in a wide range of food products..

Neither we do, nor would we recommend compromising with quality.